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Introducing Insight: A Dashboard to Collate Status information from Multiple Application Instances

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The goal of insight is to help teams have greater visibility of the state of the software they are deploying. Insight makes it easy to answer questions such as: are all nodes running the same version? Are all nodes pointing at the correct database? Are all the instances running? In short, being able to answer these questions takes a lot of the stress out of performing a release.  I was introduced to this style of dashboard by Sam Newman and have used them extensively ever since.

insight dashboard


Insight relies on web applications exposing their configuration properties as a resource represented as JSON.  For example, a request to http://mywebapp:8080/internal/status.json responds with:

    "username" : {
        "value": "user",
        "type" : "property"
    "end.point": {
        "value" : "http://end.point.i.need.to.talk.to",
        "type" : "integration"
    "number.of.requests.in.last.hour": {
        "value": "1678",
        "type" : "event"

I started the project over a year ago as a breakable toy in order to learn Node.  It has proved useful at Forward and a recent facelift by Luke Williams has prompted me to advertise it for use by others.

Feedback most welcome.

Written by Ryan Greenhall

August 21st, 2011 at 3:28 pm

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